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Municipal Drains Background:

Under the authority of the Drainage Act, R.S.O. 1990, The Township of Wainfleet is responsible for the construction, repair and maintenance of over 250km of Municipal Drains. These drains provide effective drainage for sustained agricultural production, rurals lands and roads, as well as flood control. Each drain within the Township has its own engineering report, plans, bylaw and assessment schedule for determining the share of maintenance costs each property assessed to the drain is responsible for. Unlike most services in the Township, the cost of constructing and maintaining Municipal Drains is paid entirely by the properties assessed to the catchment area for the drain, including Township owned properties and roads. Depending on the nature of the work completed, the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) may also provide grants for these works.

Consolidated South Wainfleet Drain Section 76 Project:

The Consolidated South Wainfleet Drainage System (“CSW”) was constructed under a report by Blake Erwin dated June 2, 1969. It recommended the construction or improvement of 44 branch drains within the overall drainage scheme. The assessment schedule provided by Blake Erwin did not create separate assessment schedules for each of the branch drains. Consequently, it is no longer possible to accurately or equitably distribute drain maintenance costs that may be incurred on any particular branch.

A Section 76 report only addresses the catchment areas and assessment schedules. The scope of this project is not the same as a Section 78 report and will not address any concerns or issues with the existing design of the drain, or repairs or improvements to the drainage system. A Section 78 for the entire CSWD, at this time, is not considered a feasible option due to the size of the system. New Section 78 reports for each branch may be completed in the future, as required.

Project Objectives:

Review the existing drainage system and associated documentation to ensure full compliance with the Drainage Act R.S.O. 1990 (the Drainage Act).

Develop a plan for re-assessment under Section 76 of the Drainage Act that will accurately outline catchments and the specific resulting maintenance schedule for each branch.

Enable the Township of Wainfleet to elevate their level of services by completing the new Section 76 report and assessment schedule.

This webpage will be updated periodically over the course of the project which is expected to take approximately one year.

For more detailed information on Municipal Drains in the Township of Wainfleet including factsheets and online mapping resources, please visit the Township’ drainage webpage at