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The Provincial government repealed The Green Energy Act in 2018 under Bill 34 and amended The Electricity Act, 1998, The Environmental Protection Act, The Planning Act and various other statutes.

Under the original Green Energy Act, The Township of Wainfleet was required to submit an Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan in 2014. The new revised Electricity Act requires the Township to submit a revised plan by July 1, 2019.

Initiated in 2013, the Act requires the “MUSH” sectors (municipalities, universities, schools and hospitals) to calculate and report on their energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions annually. It also requires the development and implementation of a five year Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan, to be endorsed by Township Council and posted to the Township’s website.

The Plan has been developed to guide the Township of Wainfleet in establishing energy management practices, promoting energy conservation, and integrating these measures into all aspects of the organization. Doing so will reduce energy consumption, increase energy efficiency, and ultimately reduce the environmental, social, and economic impacts of energy consumption. Outlined in the Plan is the Township’s commitment to energy conservation, previous and current energy practices, and the goals and objectives to which the City shall aim.

Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan 2019 (PDF)