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The Wainfleet Township Public Library is headed by Chief Librarian, C.E.O., Lorrie Atkinson. The Library has undergone significant changes from the little library that started at the front of a house. The Library was expanded in 1994, and now has a computer system that is accessible for public use. The Library houses many interesting books, videos, cassettes, magazines, etc. for people of all ages.

The library also provides public access to the Internet, interactive CD-ROMs, and a host of other computer software. Over the years the Library has organized many successful programs for children and adults alike.

The Library has held numerous classes and seminars with topics such as parenting, tax help, summer reading program, preschool program, Internet/Computer workshops, as well as many others. The Wainfleet Township Public Library was the recent recipient of the Angus Mowat Digitization award.

Wainfleet Township Public Library
31909 Park Street, P.O. Box 118
Wainfleet, ON L0S 1V0
Phone: 905-899-1277, Fax: 905-899-2495


library building